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§ 1. Presentation of the site

The team of actimondo has been working to develop useful internet services and websites (hereafter referred to as ‘Sites’) that are safe, easy to use and respectful of our customers. The Sites and its content are the property of actimondo eG or its partners. actimondo eG is an registered cooperative society, registered under number GR 521 and with its registered office at “In den Benden 13, 52459 Inden, Germany”. The Sites publisher is Dr. John Kettler.


The service providers providing direct and permanent hosting of the DECON event sites:


By accessing the Sites, you accept the terms and conditions of use. actimondo eG reserves the right to amend or to update the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. We therefore urge you to consult them regularly.


§ 2. Respect for property rights and trademarks

All content published on these Sites is protected by the Intellectual Property (IP) legislation, including copyright. Content is provided by actimondo eG or its partners (hereafter referred to as ‘content owner’). Each content owner administrates their content on their own authority and are independently responsible. No content available on the Sites, such as text, media, files, designs or logos may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without the prior, written consent of the respective content owner. Any other reproduction in any form without the permission of the respective content owner is prohibited. Distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited. The trademarks and logos appearing on these Sites are the property of actimondo eG or the respective content owner, or their use is covered by an authorization issued by customers or partners of  the respective content owner . actimondo eG and its partners reserve the right to pursue any infringement of its intellectual property rights by any means, including by means of legal action. Images or photographs of persons, places or products featuring on these Sites are the property of the respective content owner and/or are used by the respective content owner in agreement with the holders of the rights. The use of these images or photographs is forbidden without the specific and express authorization of the respective content owner. Any unauthorized use may entail an infringement of copyright, image rights, personal rights, property rights or any other regulations applying to communications or advertising and is likely to lead to civil/criminal proceedings against the party responsible.


§ 3. General warning

actimondo eG or any other party acting in relation to the Sites shall not be liable for direct, indirect or other loss that might result from access to or use of these Sites or content featured thereon, including any damage to or viruses that might infect your IT equipment or any other property. The publisher accepts no liability for errors or omissions that may be found, despite the care taken in the preparation of and the updating of content published on the Sites. Reference on the Sites to products, companies or other websites is solely for the purpose of informing visitors and does not in any way constitute a recommendation of products, companies or Internet services. actimondo eG may in no case be held liable for the use of the products or services of these companies or websites.


§ 4. Hypertext links

actimondo eG offers links from its Sites to other affiliated and unaffiliated websites. Such websites are independent of Sites managed by actimondo eG. actimondo eG does not publish or control these websites. In any event, links to any websites do not constitute approval or a partnership between actimondo eG and the hosts of these websites. Consequently, actimondo eG shall not be liable for their content, their products, their advertising or any elements or services presented on these websites. We would remind you that affiliated or unaffiliated websites are subject to their own general terms and conditions of use and policies for the protection of privacy. Any hypertext link to the Sites managed by actimondo eG installed on a website managed by another host shall be subject to the express and prior agreement of actimondo eG. This requirement shall be optional if the approach was initiated by the manager of the present Site. The use of visual elements in order to install such a hypertext link must be subject to the prior authorization of actimondo eG and may be tacitly assumed for customers who have registered with actimondo eG and who may possibly download these elements from one of the Sites.


§ 5. Compliance with regulations

The Sites are set up by actimondo eG, which has a registered office situated in Germany. Web surfers accessing the Sites from countries other than Germany must ensure that they abide by the applicable local laws. Information needed for registration and to ensure a smooth and proper event is collected and processed electronically (§ 33 BDSG, German Data Protection Act).


§ 6. Access to and usage of the Sites

actimondo eG reserves the right to cancel, amend, suspend or interrupt access to the Sites in full or in part, including access to the content, functionality or hours of availability, without prior notice, at its sole discretion and for any reason. You acknowledge and accept that so far as usage of the Sites is concerned, any equipment required to allow such Internet connection shall be your concern and that you shall be liable for the costs relating thereto.


§ 7. Respect for the protection of personal information

For further information regarding our policy in the matter of data protection, please refer to the notice regarding the protection of personal information.


§ 8. Disclaimer for participation

If the registration is withdrawn by the participant the following cancellation conditions apply and a payment of the cancellation fee has to be made accordingly.

  1. up to and including 45 days before the event starts: 0% of the ticket price
  2. up to and including 30 days before the event starts: 50% of the ticket price
  3. from and including 29 days before the event starts: 100% of the ticket price

Notice of withdrawal from participation must be received in writing. We will also charge the full cost of participation if the participant fails to attend or discontinues attendance early. The date of receipt of the notification of withdrawal at the business address of actimondo eG is decisive or via email to A substitute participant may be named without incurring any costs until one week before the event begins. Identification of the substitute participant must be made in writing.


§ 9. Changes to the program agenda & cancellation of the event

The organizers reserve the right to change the roster of presenters and/or make scheduling or other changes to the program agenda as well as the functionality of the website. If the event has to be cancelled for reasons attributable to actimondo eG, only participation fees that have already been paid will be refunded. All further claims are excluded. If the event has to be cancelled due to force majeure or by order of the authorities, the participation fee is due for payment in full.


§ 10. Sponsorship Fees and Payment Terms

The Sponsor agrees to pay the Sponsorship Fees in accordance with the amounts and payment terms set out in the Sponsorship Agreement.

After the Sponsorship Agreement has been signed, payment shall be made in one instalment of 100% of the Sponsorship Fees. On receipt of the signed Sponsorship Agreement, actimondo eG will invoice the Sponsor for the full amount of the Sponsorship Fee.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties and stated in the Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsorship Fees shall be paid by the Sponsor within 30 days of the invoice date for such Fees. If a shorter payment period for payment of Fees (or part of them) is agreed by the Sponsor and recorded in the Sponsorship Agreement, such shorter period shall apply. In all cases Fees shall in any event be paid at least 90 days before the commencement of the event. Time shall be of the essence regarding payment of Fees.

In the event the Sponsor fails to meet any payment obligations, (whether as to the amounts or date of payment), then actimondo eG shall be entitled in its sole discretion to deem that the Sponsor has cancelled its sponsorship for the event and to exercise its rights pursuant to clause § 11. (Cancellation and Resale of Sponsorship item).

Instructions for payment will be indicated on all invoices which will be issued to the Sponsor by actimondo eG. Bank transfer payments: All bank charges payable on transfers have to be borne by the Sponsor.

Sponsors whose Sponsorship Fee remains unpaid 30 days before the commencement of the Event will be denied access to the Event/ Venue sites.

If any amounts payable under this Agreement are not paid to actimondo eG by their due date for payment (whether Fees, Cancellation Charges or otherwise), then actimondo eG shall be entitled to charge interest on such sum from the due date for payment at the rate of 12% per annum on all late payments post due date as per the invoice.


§ 11. Cancellation by Sponsor

If the Sponsor cancels the Sponsorship 3 months prior to the Event, a Cancellation Charge of 50% of the Sponsorship Fee will apply.

If a Sponsor cancels the Sponsorship within 3 months of the Event, the Sponsor agrees to pay 100% of the contracted Sponsorship Fee as Cancellation Charge.

If a Sponsor cancels with an outstanding balance due, the Sponsor remains responsible for the entire balance due, plus reasonable legal fees to collect.

Cancellations must be received in writing by actimondo eG.

Upon receipt of Sponsorship cancellation notice, actimondo eG shall have the absolute discretion to resell the sponsorship item(s) forfeited.

The Sponsor hereby acknowledges that the Cancellation Charge represents a reasonable pre- estimate of the likely losses and costs that would be incurred by actimonodo eG as a result of the Sponsor’s cancellation and that they do not represent a penalty. For the avoidance of doubt, actimondo eG is not required to mitigate its losses and/or costs in such circumstances and the Cancellation Charge shall remain payable even where actimondo eG is able to resell the sponsorship item.


§ 12. Booking of a virtual booth in the online exhibition

By booking a virtual booth, you declare that your company agree to be bound by our general terms and conditions.

Applications are processed and confirmed in the order in which they are received with the aid of an address file.

The booking for a virtual booth at the event exhibition has to be made in writing via the online registration form, via e-mail, or via fax. You will first receive confirmation by email that your registration form has been received. Shortly thereafter, a written confirmation of your registration will be sent to the business or private address indicated in your application, together with our invoice. 100% of the booking fee is payable 30 days after you received the invoice. The due date for payment will be indicated on the invoice. Please transfer the amount indicated on the invoice, quoting the invoice number, only after you have received the invoice. The exhibitor has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of sending the binding registration.


§ 13. Admission to the exhibition

The decision on the admission to the exhibition and the permission of the exhibited documents, videos etc. is taken by the actimondo eG. There is no legal entitlement to the admission. The actimondo eG is entitled to exclude any unlicensed and non-eligible exhibited documents, videos etc. from the online exhibition. Competitive exclusion cannot be claimed. The exhibitor must ensure that the content is free of violence, incitement to crime or lewd content. actimondo eG assumes no liability for content provided by the exhibitor. The fee includes the virtual booth for the time of the event. Optional you can extend the presentation of your booth up to 365 days. Therefore, you have to pay an extra fee.


§ 14. Cancellation of the event – exhibitor costs

In case of an unexpected occurrence, which renders the execution of the event as impossible and actimondo eG is not accountable for (e.g. force majeure), the organizer is entitled to cancel the event before the opening or to make changes to the agenda. If the event has to be cancelled due to force majeure or regulatory action the exhibition fee and all caused costs have to be payed in total by the exhibitor.


§ 15. Disclaimer and cancellation conditions for exhibitors

The application for a withdrawal from the booking of the virtual booth needs a declaration of consent by the actimondo eG. In case of withdrawal from the contract the following cancellation conditions apply for the exhibitor and a payment of the cancellation fee booking fee has to be made accordingly.

  1. up to 3 months before the event: 50% of the booking fee
  2. later cancellations: 100% of the booking

Notice of withdrawal from the contract for exhibitors must be received in writing (email to is acceptable) within the set period.


§ 16. Severability Clause

If individual parts of the above provisions should be or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall be unaffected thereby. The invalid conditions will be replaced with provisions that most closely reflect the financial intent of the contract and assure the reasonable protection of the parties' mutual interests.


§ 17. Photo credits

Bernhard Ludewig
BGE Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung
BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung
EWN Entsorgungswerk für Nuklearanlagen
Adobe Stock


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