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The DECON conference series on nuclear decommissioning and waste management is an annual event. In 2021, over 200 people participated, as well as many industry-relevant companies. It was a complete success. Focused on current developments in the field of nuclear decommissioning and waste management in Germany and the Republic of Korea, more than 30 expert interviews and live content on important topics were presented. Interactive elements and lively exchanges among participants and companies completed the program. Take the opportunity now and get the bundled, cutting-edge knowledge of DECON conveniently at your workplace or at home. Of course, you will also get access to the contents of future DECON conferences as soon as they are available in the media library.

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With your login you will gain access to all video content from DECON. Currently over 30 cutting-edge expert interviews and presentations from the nuclear field:

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  • Waste Management
  • Interim Storage

Module 1 content preview

Module 1 : Strategies & Project Management

In this module, you can expect expert knowledge on the latest legal developments, strategies and regulations in the nuclear decommissioning market and latest field reports on current decommissioning projects such as KORI 1 (South Korea), DIDO and WAK (Germany).


Decommissioning Plan & Preparation - Status-Quo Decommissioning in South-Korea
Dae-Kweon Seo (General Manager of D&D) - KHNP Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power)

Decommissioning in Germany - More than 45 Years of Experience
Uwe Stoll (Managing Director) - GRS Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit

Dismantling of the Research Reactor FRJ-2 (DIDO)
Burkhard Stahn (Head of Nuclear Decommissioning Projects) - JEN Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen

Introduction of R&D Status for NPP Decommissioning in Korea
Dr. Kwangho Lee (Nuclear Industry Program Director) - Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP)

Challenges in Dismantling of the Reprocessing Plant Karlsruhe
Dr. Bernhard Wiechers (Head of Decommissioning of the Reprocessing Plant WAK) - KTE - Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe

Disassembly and Packaging of Reactor Core Internals
Jörg Viermann (Head of Sales Department for Large-Scale Projects) - GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service

Decommissioning of an Isotope Laboratory
Martin Rathgeber (Managing Director) - NucTecSolutions

Module 2 content preview

MODULE 2 : Project Organization & Market Development

In this module, you will find insights on current global market developments (e.g., from Arthur D. Little, the renowned international consulting company), as well as the latest first-hand knowledge of important topics like project planning and risk management.


Preliminary and Detailed Design for the NPP Decommissioning
Jai-Hoon Jung (Project Manager for Kori-1 NPP Decommissioning) - KEPCO E&C

Challenges in Decommissioning using the Example of the Mülheim-Kärlich Plant
Dr. Thomas Volmar (NPP Manager Mühlheim-Kärlich) - RWE Nuclear

Cost Drivers in Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning
Peter Berben (Head of Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management) - ENGIE

Radiation Safety Management
Young-Suk Oh (General Manager Radiation Safety Section) - Korean Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)

Risk Management in Nuclear Decommissioning
Patrick Wilson (Principal Consultant & Team Leader) - TÜV Rheinland Risktec

Perspectives on the Market and Future Prospects of Nuclear Decommissioning
Michael Kruse (Partner) - Arthur D. Little

Customer Value for Decommissioning Nuclear Powre Plant
Alexander Waag (Project Manager) - KAEFER Technik und Service

Module 3 content preview

MODULE 3 : Digitalization & Decommissionig Technologies

Digitalization and technologization are advancing rapidly, also in the field of decommissioning. In this module, you will learn details about the latest technical developments and how you too can implement digitalization in your company in a meaningful way.


Radiological Characterisation of Nuclear Facilities
Dr. Stefan Thierfeldt (Head of the Business Unit Radiation Protection, Nuclear Technology, Decommissioning) - Brenk Systemplanung

Radioactive Waste and Material Management Solutions
Christian Gerst/ Stefan Osterlehner (Project Managers) - TÜV Rheinland

Highly Dexterous Teleoperation for the Nuclear Industry
Rich Walker (Managing Director) - Shadow Robot Company

Challenges in Release with Clearance Measurement Systems
Dr. Tim Thomas (Head of Nuclear Consultancy and Innovation) - Safetec Entsorgungs- und Sicherheitstechnik

Development of Real Time Radioactive Aerosol Monitoring Methodology for NPP Decommissioning Environment
Dr. Doo-Yong Lee (Director of R&D Division) - FNC Technology

Innovative Way to Decontaminate without Generating Secondary Liquid Waste
Thomas Xu (International Sales Manager) - FEVDI Nuclear expert

Digitalisation and robotcis in nulcear decommissioning
Dr. István Szöke (Senior Scientist) - IFE - Institute for Energy Technology

Module 4 content preview

MODULE 4 : Waste Management & Interim Storage

The proper, safe storage and disposal of radioactive material still poses major challenges to governments and companies. In this module, our experts from politics and industry will answer all your important questions on this meaningful topic.


Challenges of Long Term Interim Storage
Dr. Jörn Becker (Head of International Department) - BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung

Technical Highlights of Dry Storage and Transportation for SNF Management
Dr. Seong Ki Lee (General Manager) - KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF)

Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Korea
Prof. Dr. Chul-Hyung Kang (Professor) - Dankook University

Reactor Core Unloading and Transport of Spent Fuel Elements to the Interim Storage Facility
Dr. Linus Bettermann (Director Sales and Marketing) - GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service

Metal Melting for Materials from D&D
Dr. Johannes Fachinger (Senior Product Manager) - ALD Vacuum Technologies

Development of Safety Evaluation Code for Disposal and Recycling of Decommissioning Waste
Ju-Yub Kim (Manager) - FNC Technology

In-House Transport Logistics of LLW
Jan Lederer (Key Account Manager) - IEM Fördertechnik

Nonlinear Soil-Structure-Interaction - Optimisation Potential for the Design of Nuclear Facilities
Viktor Vlaski (Senior Manager Structural Dynamic) - Max Aicher Engineering

KONEKT: a concept study on the safe management of irradiated Beryllium from research reactors
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Modolo (Deputy Director, Head of Waste Management Concepts for special radioactive waste) - Forschungszentrum Jülich


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